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East Lawn Supply is a full service plumbing and heating wholesale and retail business. We offer full counter service with a knowledgable counter staff who can help you pick the products you need to complete your job. More information about the products and brands that we carry is found below.

If you are a plumber, builder, contractor, or trade professional interested in setting up an account, please see the Accounts section below for more information about services that we provide to our account holders.


HVAC Products

East Lawn Supply carries a full inventory of duct work, air conditioning units, furnaces, boilers, thermostats, thermostat wire, oil tanks, controls, grills, air filters, humidifiers, and baseboard.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

East Lawn Supply carries a full compliment of pex supplies, pipes, valves, fittings, pumps, tanks, and tools for residential and commercial plumbing projects.  Our sales staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you chose the products that are right for your job.  If you require a non-stock, specialty part, we will gladly order it for you.

Tools & Chemicals

We carry a full line of chemicals for residential and commercial needs, including PVC cement, drain openers, spray PVC cement, roof flashing cement, boiler cleaners and treatment, caulking, pipe dope, solder, pipe roof flashings, firestop caulking, fiberglass cleaner.  We also carry tools such as pipe wrenches, tubing cutters. torch tools, refrigeration tools, copper tube cleaners and cutters, PVC saws, PVC reamers, sheet metal tools, wood boring bits/hole saws, adjustable wrenchers, tin snips, boiler brushes, and drill bits.  We also carry specialty products including refrigeration and air conditioning testing equipment.

Water Treatment

We have an in-house water testing facility that’s available to our account holders.  We are able to run the following tests on water samples submitted by account holders: pH, hardness, TDS (total disolved solids), and iron,  Submitted samples need to come in a clean, plastic bottle.  We also have a reference lab that runs additional testing if needed.

When water needs to be treated, we carry a full line of water softeners and neutralizers, and filtration systems including carbon-based and reverse osmosis.


For more information on these manufacturers and their products, click on the manufacturer’s name to be redirected to their website.


The East Lawn Supply Difference….from the start of your job to the end, we are available to assist you. 1. Counter Service Our knowledgable counter staff will take the time to get the parts you need for your job. We have experts in water treatment, plumbing, and heating who can help with your most challenging jobs. 2. Quality Our warehouses are stocked with over 45,000 square feet of high quality, dependable parts manufactured by leaders in the industry. 3. Account Management In addition to the service you expect from us on a daily basis, our management staff is available to assist you with concerns and help manage your account. Additional services we offer to our account holders include:

  • Daily Invoicing
  • Automatic fax/e-mail invoicing
  • Monthly statements
  • On-line account access and services through Invoice Central including online Bill Pay
  • Fully computerized counter service
  • “Will call” service at the counter
  • Comprehensive inventory
  • Free local delivery
  • Heat loss/gain calculations
  • Warranty support
  • Water testing
  • Outside sales service

Line Card

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